KCHM is a .chm file viewer. It uses the Qt widget toolkit and the KDE core libraries.

CHM files are Windows help ones. The reason for wanting to read MS CHM files on Linux is that you may have CHM ebooks you would like to read on an UNIX box, like Apache Bible or PHP and MySQL books... so you couldn't read them while working. Now you can!

There is another alternative but coundn't compile it and I prefered a KDE integrated program so I started coding while learning, then I went on wraping the code with more KDE-adapted functionality. Also I took some ideas from a dark part of KDevelop source code package which can parse the Topics (contents) file from a CHM (!!!).


The interface is simple. Kchm looks like other help/chm viewers. It has a tree list (QListView widget) on the left which displays the .chm contents and a KHTML widget on the right that shows the HTML files from the archive.


Here's the alpha version opening a chm trial ebook by the Software Engineer Steve McConnel (I recommend it).

This picture is in PNG your browser should show it.

In fact, I'm developing this software just to read this funny book on my cute-edge Debian Linux with KDE 3.1.4.

And now for something completely different... graphics!!!
Programming the KIOSlave to show graphics has been a tough part, but it could have been avoided by just forgetting the current object retrieving scheme... but now it is done!


Current requirements are:


A completely functional release is available. Note that you need both KCHM and KIOCHM packages (among the software listed before) to start working. You can download source code from here


I'm not sure wether you can compile it in lower KDE versions than 3.1.4. Maybe you could lend a hand with this stuff. Please let me know if you have compiled it and under what conditions.


There are many people who have supported me, directly or indirectly in many times of my life, who without this software could have never been done. This work is for them:

Thanks to my parents and my sisters (my "Gos"), to my friends from Fuenla and from Poland; to my classmates Alberto, Zor, Cire, Ruben, Jose, the three arpias, and many others (they know who they are); to my teachers, specially to Antonio Berlanga and Miguel Angel Sicilia; to all people who have helped me but I'm forgetting in this sleepy hour... this software is my little gift for all of you and for the world.

I'd like to thank the KDE and CHMLIB developers. Thank you for your work.

You can download source packages from the project summary page:
Project summary page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/kchm

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